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Yankee Candle Collage

Yankee Candle Fundraiser

Gifts ‘N Things is proud to announce our partnership with Yankee Candle fundraising! After closing its fundraising operations in 2020, Yankee Candle is back! Gifts ‘N Things is the exclusive Yankee Candle fundraising supplier featuring the return of America’s best-loved candles! Featuring Yankee’s largest 22 oz. Original Jar Candle, made with the finest quality ingredients from around the world. It provides over 110 hours of soothing fragrance. Made with premium-grade paraffin and 100% natural-fiber wicks for each fragrance to ensure the best possible burn. The iconic Jar shape is a symbol of their 50-year commitment to creating the world’s finest candles.

Gifts ‘N Things makes it easy to host a Candle fundraiser for schools and organizations like yours. Our Winter Wonderland brochure will feature Yankee Candle products, at $10 profit per candle, alongside the classic gifts, snacks and treats, wrapping paper, and other high-quality items you’ve come to expect from Gifts ‘N Things fundraising brochures. We also have an online only Yankee Candle fundraising program available.

Interested in hosting a Yankee Candle fundraiser? Check out our Brochure Fundraising page to explore all the exceptional Yankee Candle products we have to offer.

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FALL 2024

Winter Wonderland featuring Yankee Candle

Winter Wonderland featuring Yankee Candle

Winter Wonderland – 50% Profit

Yankee Candles – $10 Profit per candle

Online, Totes & Mixes – 40% Profit

Donations – 70% Profit

Our Winter Wonderland fundraiser brochure is a seasonal sensation packed with quality and value! Browse a vast selection of unique gift items, kitchen gadgets, wrapping paper, baking mixes, chocolates, and Yankee Candles.

Online Yankee Candle Fundraising

Yankee Candles – $10 Profit per candle

All Other Items – 40% Profit

No brochures, order forms or collecting money – we keep it simple!
Flyer can be emailed or handed out to students.
Students Register, Share, and family & friends Shop online.

Two delivery options (Your Choice):
1. Home delivery-all orders ship directly to customers home.
2. School delivery & Home delivery-school delivery offers your customer a free shipping option.