Gifts ‘N Things is a place that has been built on quality, teamwork and family values. What sets Gifts ‘N Things apart, beyond its product line, is its relationship with employees and customers. Friendliness, warmth and informality prevail in an atmosphere of respect in which creativity flourishes.

Despite Gifts ‘N Things growth over the 40 years, it remains a small “People Oriented” business where employees are considered part of a family!

People are the core of our business. People are behind the creation, warehousing, distribution, sale and use of Gifts ‘N Things products. People. That’s what we are all about. People. The best and the brightest. People. The reason we consistently exceed our business goals without losing the friendly touch.

The company’s most valuable asset continues to be our image of quality, service, credibility, the trust of consumers and organizations, and the dedication of our employees.

Gifts ‘N Things job opportunities are as diverse as our product lines! Whatever level of work you are looking for we can help!

  • Are you looking for a full or part time sales position?
  • Do you know people involved in Schools & Sports Groups within your community?
  • Are you looking for a career or to earn extra money for the holidays?
  • Are you a fund raising representative or company looking for a “Holiday Shop Program”?

Fund Raising Sales – Work From Home, Part Time or Full Time:

If you would like to contact schools and groups that need to raise money for their organization, this may be a field of interest for you. Any School from elementary through high school is a prospect. Day care centers, girl & boy scouts, football, soccer and baseball little leagues all have great potential. Gifts ‘N Things will train and assist you with many custom product fund raising programs created by and exclusive to Gifts ‘N Things. You line up the appointments and we supply you with professional selling materials to lead you flawlessly through every presentation.

Lil’ Shoppers Shoppe Sales – Work From Home, Part Time or Full Time:

The “In School Holiday Store” is primarily presented to elementary schools. It is a very rewarding experience, since you are presenting a program where the children of the school can shop for holiday gifts for family and friends. It is a great program for those working from home. We also, work with a number of fund raising companies and representatives nationwide who are looking for just a holiday store.

Promotional Products Sales:

Recommend product and program ideas to the many small & large businesses and corporations in your area. You show companies how ideas and products with their name, logo and message on it will contribute to their overall marketing objective of their company or organization. Gifts ‘N Things will train you, assist you with catalogs and help you with our extensive in house research product library to back up your presentation and product ideas.

If you are interested in learning more about Gifts ‘N Things employment opportunities, please contact us by e-mail: employment@gntinc.com
or call 1-800-468-7511.