Gifts 'N Things Coronavirus: Client Update

Gifts ‘N Things will be closed in accordance with PA Gov. Tom Wolf’s closing of all businesses that aren’t life sustaining. We wish everyone health & safety in these unprecedented times.


If you need immediate assistance, please email and someone should be able to respond in a timely manner.

We are closely monitoring the news and information being reported regarding the Coronavirus, COVID-19.  While we have implemented in-house precautions for our employees, we are also mindful of potential school closings and the effects this will have on you and the fulfillment of your product sales this spring.

We appreciate your loyalty and business as we are committed to implementing recommendations from health authorities to keep the health and safety of our customers and employees a top priority.

We appreciate your volunteering and hard work in this uncertain time.  Please be assured that we are here to work with you to fulfill your school’s needs.


If you are already signed up to do a Spring Fundraiser:

There are differences in how schools and municipalities are reacting to the information that seems to be changing daily. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible solution to completing your Spring Fundraiser.

One thing we can do is speed up the timing of product deliveries and hopefully have you finished before you experience a school closure.

Here are some steps we can take together toward that goal:

  • Send order forms (after your Sale End Date) as soon as you can.
  • If your order is not too large, you can scan the order forms and send via email.
  • If you can’t scan the orders and you are further then three states away from Pennsylvania, please call our customer service team at 800-468-7511 to order a 2-day return label for student orders.
  • We are speeding up our data entry timing and packing turnaround, so we may ask you to be flexible and take the orders (when possible) earlier than expected.

Temporary school closure: We can work with you and hold orders as necessary, however, we will need communication from you. To avoid having shipments sent to schools that won’t be received, please keep your Sales Representative and our office informed about any anticipated or scheduled closings.

Sale has not ended: If your sale is interrupted by school closings, please contact us so that we are aware of delays in sending in your orders. We can extend your campaign and online sale by two to four weeks as needed. Please communicate with your sales representative and/or our Customer Service team to coordinate the timing of your eventual order submission.

Sale has not started: If you have received brochures and the school has not yet begun their sale, please hold your materials and begin your fundraiser when you group returns. We will tally and pack these orders in a timely manner to make sure delivery happens before summer break.


School closure for remainder of year – delivery options:

  1. Conduct a curbside pick up at the school or other community parking lot. Parents drive up, open their trunk, and one or two volunteers place the order in car.
  2. We could ship the orders to the individual seller’s homes. To cover the cost of freight, school would make 10% less profit. We would need a list of addresses as we do not ask for that information on our order form.